The Best Interview Answers

Try never to talk hypothetically when giving the Best Interview Answers. Try very hard to relate it to something in your past that will apply to their future. I don't care if you have just graduated from college. Find a real life example. That may be from a biography you read. It may be from a family friend. It may be from a committee you served on at church. It hopefully will be your experience, but if not have a real life example to use.

The Best Interview Answers

Caution though! Don't ever make up anything and present it as real if it is not! An experienced interviewer will catch you in a lie every time. I have and would! And when I did, it was Game Over!

Don't be hypothetical when giving the Best Interview Answers. If you are, they know you have little or no experience. You are just guessing. Why would I want to hire someone that is just guessing?

So if you are applying for a position to manage a store and the question they ask is how you would increase sales. Do not give the Best Interview Answers by giving them the changes that you would make. It would be better to give them examples of how you increased sales at your last or current position. This is important so that you can demonstrate that you have applied the principle and it worked. This rather than telling them something you hope will work.

So you may answer that question something like the following: I was able to increase sales by 64% in my current position by analyzing several pieces of information and then making the appropriate changes. We discovered that our customers were primarily in the age ranges of 21 to 30 and had an annual income of $120K. Our most popular items proved this to be the case. So we increased our inventories of like items and decreased in others. Our advertising dollar targeted this customer. Now this is not my area of expertise but you get the picture. Be prepared!

Use real life examples!

In addition, make sure any data you provide during your answers can be discussed intelligently by yourself and is true. The last thing you want to do is provide information that they ask a question about and you get this deer in the head lights look. I hate that deer in the head lights look. The interview is pretty much over at that point.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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