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When your looking for the best business plan software you must understand the elements of a business plan. Many of the small business planning software packages out there today are good, but do they force you to answer the tough questions that must be addressed if you want to get started on the right foot. Don't settle for easy!

Elements such as where are your customers going to come from? I've been in the business world for well over thirty-five years and I have only ever used just one small business planning software since the computer age began. I consider it to be the best business plan software at the best price as well.

Just answering the simple questions of who your customer is...

Just answering the simple questions of who your customer is can make all the difference in the world. Yes, I know that you know who your customer is and where they are coming from. But do you really know? Have you looked at the geographical layout of the area and traffic flow. I seen many businesses that are right on a main road with great exposure continually put up their going out of business signs. Why, because they didn't pay attention to traffic flow in the area. Although there was an entrance off the main road it was very difficult to get out of the parking area.

Who is your competition? Again, I know you think you know! Who is your competition and how long have they been in business? Why? Visit them and see what makes them good or bad and how you would duplicate them or completely change the way you would do it. I read a great book once called "Eating your Competitions Lunch". Get to know them and find out how they tick! The best business plan software is going to force you to know what you’re up against.

Go into it with both eyes open...

There is no question that you will need a small business planning software package so you might as well get the best business plan software so that you will not be wasting your time and money in a business that may just not be organized wisely. A good small business planning software can even change the way you think about what you need to accomplish.

Go into it with both eyes open. Don't just look at the business planning software as a tool to seek financial aid. Make sure it sets you up to win and be successful at the business itself!

May God Bless You and Good Luck!

Location! Location! Location!


For ten whole years the Best Business Plan Software has been Business Plan Pro. It has been rated number one rated software on the market!

I personally use them and I will explain why!

Creating a business plan is much more than a document used for securing financial backing! If that is your reason for producing a business plan presentation, then please leave this site because you are doomed for failure and l don't want to be a part of it!

No, a business plan presentation is all about making sure you are well prepared and know what you're up against before you take the big leap!

The Best Business Plan Software, like Business Plan Pro, will walk you through the entire process of producing a business plan presentation so that you know whether you should go forward or not.

Let the data speak for itself!

Let's talk about how you go about producing a well thought out business plan presentation. Keep in mind that there are over 61,000 business bankruptcies each year so you better go into starting up a business with both eyes open and not just your wallet!

No business can be successful without someone buying their product or service! There are no exceptions to this rule unless you are a government organization or a charity of some type.

So before you do anything else, including going forward with even the Best Business Plan Software, make sure you identify who your customer is, where they are coming from, and how you will get them to choose your product or service!

The United States Census Bureau is a great tool to use to find out where your customer may be. As an example if you are looking for a middle aged married couple making over a certain amount of money with no children, then they can provide that information.

Although it is very easy to narrow down this type of information you will have to do some work in the process. After all it is a free tool, so roll up your selves and get started.

So as an example if you are considering a siding business it will not be a good idea to target brand new homes. On the other hand that same neighborhood may be the perfect place for a lawn care service.

As another example if you are opening a child's clothing store make sure the area has plenty of children.

All of this information can be obtained through the United States Census Bureau's website for free. What a bargain!

Based on your industry you should be able to determine the approximate number of sales per one thousand customers. In other words if one thousand people have an opportunity to choose your product, what are the averages that they will choose you?

This type of information is used for projecting sales!

Don't just make up numbers up though!

Make sure you are basing your numbers on real data from the industry standards.

In fact I would be conservative with my numbers versus liberal. I would much rather be surprised in a good way than a bad one! Your life savings may be at jeopardy if you just wing your numbers.

Once you have determined who your customer is and where they are the next step is how to get them to choose you over the competition.

The Best Business Plan Software, like Business Plan Pro, has a section to help you determine why your product or service is different than others out there.

Coke versus Pepsi!

Ford versus Chevy!

Walmart versus Macy's!

Get the point I hope.

If your service is lawn care, what makes you different?

Is it just price?

Is it something about your service, such as fertilizing and replacement of dead plants?

Is it your professional appearance?

Is it your experience?

What makes you different?

That is your sales tool!


Rib Eye Steak for sale at $6.99 per pound!

U.S. Grade Choice Rib Eye Steaks! Aged to perfection! Extra Thick cut! Perfect for Grilling! Only $6.99 per pound while they last!

Which one are you most likely to buy?

Having a Marketing Plan is so critical that I can't even put it into words!

It is the number one reason most businesses end up going bankrupt!

Even with the Best Business Plan Software you better consider investing in Marketing Plan Software also. Business Plan Pro sells both and they are well worth the money!

The final piece of your business plan presentation is your Executive Summary!

Think of the Executive Summary as the first and most important factor of getting the attention of your potential investor. Now I will admit that this one piece is meant for the sole purpose of winning over your investor. This one or two page document will open the door wider or slam it shut.

Business Plan Pro, which I consider to be the Best Business Plan Software, does a fantastic job of walking you through this process. Now they won't do it for you, but they will help you very much! Ten years as the number one software!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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