How to Write an Appreciation Letter

Sample Appreciation Letter

Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for the incredible job you did on this year's church picnic.

There wasn't one person I spoke with that didn't have a great time. Those same people couldn't stop talking about the BBQ ribs and the number of homemade deserts.

My favorite part was the pie judging contest. I still laugh when I think about the three judges you brought in from another church. They had a tremendous sense of humor.

Thank you so much again,

Before discussing how to write an appreciation letter, first a few words about the benefits that such letters can offer. Letters of appreciation, or acknowledgment for services rendered, or for any other reason are generally well received, and you can rarely go wrong with them if you write them from the heart.

Such letters can express your appreciation for another person helping you in some way, doing you a service or even offering you an interview for a job - which often tips the balance when an employer is undecided. In business, an appreciation letter is written to an employee who has made a special effort in their job, above and beyond what would normally be expected of them. Such recognition can have a lasting beneficial effect for both the employee and the employer.

appreciation letter

Employees who are openly appreciated will work more productively

Employees who are openly appreciated will work more productively than those that rarely or never receive recognition for their efforts made on behalf of the business. Productively means more than just working harder, but working more effectively, and an appreciation letter from the CEO, manager or immediate supervisor can make a great deal of difference to the attitude of individual employees to the way they do their work, and by entire workforces in their cooperation with management.

Such letters should focus on the aspect of the recipient's work that is appreciated, such as working unpaid overtime without being requested, showing initiative in problem solving, helping new employees without being asked and carrying out work at home that helps the business meet targets or satisfy customers. There are many more, and you will know what your employees could do to help you if only they made the effort.

Any employee that does exceptional work should be recognized, not only managers.

Assuming that one of your managers has shown initiative in exceeding targets, worked long hours to meet customers' needs or motivated employees to improve productivity figures, how would you write an appreciation letter? Perhaps one of your employees has displayed a commitment to the company, perhaps by voluntarily working on after another has called in sick or working hard to produce faultless work. Any employee that does exceptional work should be recognized, not only managers.

Many find writing such letters a difficult task because their writing abilities were not a factor in their employment. However, it would seem a bit false were the letter to be written by a secretary and signed by the CEO or manager. Word would soon get out! Even worse would be a standard letter with a space for the recipient's name and a signature stamped at the bottom - this happens in many organizations! How would you feel if you received one of these?

One of the jobs they can carry out exceptionally well is providing templates for all forms of business correspondence

There is a solution in the form of letter template software. Computers can do a great deal for modern business, and one of the jobs they can carry out exceptionally well is providing templates for all forms of business correspondence. You are likely wondering how a computer can write a personalized appreciation letter - in fact, it can't! You write the letter, but using prompts provided by the software. Let's examine how:

We shall assume here that you fully understand the reason for the letter of appreciation: what the employee did that was so special. You first need an opening sentence - this is where many people have problems: how to open the letter. The software will give you a large number of options such as:

"I would like to express my appreciation for . . ."

"Congratulations on reaching your target . . ."

"Anne, I am extremely impressed by . . ."

Click the one you want and that will go to the beginning of your letter. Then you will be given a large number of continuing sentences, such as:

"Your motivational talents certainly shone through when you. . ."

"I was very impressed with your willingness to work
long hours at home to. . ."

It is a short letter - just a few lines - but very effective.

Each component of your letter can be added and personalized where appropriate until you have completed your acknowledgment for work well done. There are so many options for each section of the letter that each will be unique, using the employee's name at the beginning and with your signature at the end. It is a short letter - just a few lines - but very effective.

Nothing will look photocopied or printed from a standard company letter, and the employee will be delighted that their work has been recognized and appreciated. The result will be a motivated workforce that appreciates the recognition from their bosses for their efforts at work - too many a very rare thing!

There are many forms of this software including the popular WriteExpress that enable you to compose an appreciation letter that will bring you benefits well beyond the small effort and few minutes needed to create it. A workforce that feels recognized and appreciated will return that in kind: they will be working for the company rather 'just doing their jobs'.

May God Bless You!

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