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Of these most feel the most difficult of all is writing an employee written warning letter. For some reason they make the process harder than it truly is. In fact, providing you stick to the facts only, it can be one of the easiest letters there are to write. I help you break it down and give multiple examples. Feel free to use any of the vast examples and change it to meet your needs.

Good leadership skills require certain traits!

Some are teachable and yet others are a part of a persons character.

The type of character that defines a person!


Integrity is much more than just someone being honest!

It is the character behind the honesty.

As a Marine, leadership and character are the core values that can either make or break you.

Doing one thing and demanding another is simply not acceptable as a Leader! As a Marine it is not an option!

The purpose of this website is to bring real life experiences under a bright light and determine whether they are good leadership skills or not.


Of course we are talking about professional relationships and nothing more!

You can't expect to have people following you if you plant yourself in an office and bury yourself in paperwork!

My success has come from truly getting to know my staff.

This means that I must invest time in getting to know them.

In my case I take time to go through the facility stopping and talking with them. I don't get too personal. I talk about my children. I talk about my life and if they bring up something about themselves I listen. The next time I pass through I may follow up with them on that.

As a Marine their support and unquestionable belief in me is critical. In a business setting that same support and belief translates into productivity. It creates loyalty.

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  • Leadership Phrases:


    Loyalty is the result of good leadership skills!

    Integrity, relationships, and communication skills creates loyalty one brick at a time.

    Loyalty takes time.

    It is not automatic!

    Loyalty is different than respect!

    I can respect someone but at the same time I can throw them under the bus in a second.

    However, loyalty is different. Someone that is loyal will stand behind you and cares about your well being. You must be just as loyal to your staff as you expect them to be to you.

    Effective Leadership and leadership types come in many different forms - but they start with you and who you are as a person. They are formed at a very young age - and stay with you for life.

    We can only improve upon them - not create them!

    Everything from raising our children to how we conduct ourselves in a business environment requires good leadership skills.

    As leaders it is necessary to take advantage of every resource available to us in order to become and remain successful. As an example the Performance Management system from SuccessFactors is a great leadership tool for managers as it allows you to easily monitor your employees and guide your team-building exercises.

    With that said I hope that you relax and enjoy reading and learning about many parts of my life and how I have applied good leadership skills in all areas of it!

    My Dad - a great man - taught me so much about effective leadership.

    He told me once - that there are three types of people.

    The First Type - You can suggest something needs to be done - and within a short amount of time - they are doing it... and doing it well - someone you can count on. Someone that is a leader!

    The Second Type - You can let them know something needs to be done - and within a reasonable amount of time - it gets done - and most of the time - they put some effort into it. A potentially good leader!

    The Third Type – You must tell them to do it right now - and in all cases you need to make sure they do it - because if allowed - they will put little or no effort into it. This person will never be a leader!

    Good Leadership Skills - Know who your looking for…

    My Dad also told me - when your interviewing someone - look for people that bring their lunch box to the interview.

    Of course - he didn't mean they should actually bring it with them - well I don't think he meant that!

    Nor did he mean you should be looking for hungry people.

    He just meant that as far as Leadership types - you should always be looking for aggressive people - calculated risk takers - someone with confidence. Not just someone wanting to collect a paycheck!

    Someone that truly wants to work for you - not on their terms - but yours.

    Someone that wants your job - and you should not be afraid of that.

    Good Leadership Skills - Don’t give up…

    I am a strong believer that - you should never give up until every option has been exhausted.

    Maybe it is the Marine in me - but quitting is not an option.

    Each time you quit at something - it will be a little easier the next time to give up.

    Everyone is watching you - your kids - your brothers and sisters - your parents - your friends - your enemies - your employees - your boss - get the picture.

    Don’t give up - the brave men and women before us - didn’t - and we have this country and our freedoms to show for it.

    Make them proud…

    Failure is not an option!

    Good Leadership Skills - Integrity starts with you…

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    Say what you mean! - Mean what you say! They will figure you out real quick if you don’t!

    When I say they - I mean everyone - from your kids - to your employees - and everyone in between.

    I can tell you one thing for sure - when the Marine Corps or my Dad said something - you could take it to the bank!

    Effective leadership is required whether your running a small business - a major corporation - or your daily life!

    We all know them - you know the Leadership types I'm talking about - the real leaders. Those individuals in our lives that continually demonstrate good Leadership skills.

    We can all do the right thing when it is easy - but I am talking about the person that makes the right decision - even when it seems impossible to do. Like those that stormed the beaches in WWII - or marched into Iraq - those were and are real leaders - all the way down to the lowest in rank.

    When the Fire Fighters and the Police ran into the World Trade Centers on September 11th to save lives - now those are your real leaders.

    And the teachers that take money out of their own back pockets to pay for school supplies or lunch for the poor child in their classroom that can't afford it - there are your real leaders.

    Are you a Leader? Be a Leader!

    Everyday - there will be a fork in the road for you to make a decision. Effective Leaders choose the right road - even when it is hard - even when they know they may not return!

    Good Leadership Skills Are About Serving

    Good leadership skills are more about serving others then imposing their power and authority!

    After all a prison guard can impose their power and authority over an inmate but would definitely not be considered a good leader!

    So what exactly does the term serving mean when it comes to the workplace?

    How does that translate into good leadership skills?

    Let's start with the most basic needs of those we want to lead in the workplace.

    Maybe we should list a few of them and then go 'from there.

    1. To know their job

    2. To be appreciated

    3. To be respected

    4. To have the equipment and supplies to do their job right

    5. To be paid on time and the right amount

    6. Not to be lied to

    7. To be treated fairly

    Sounds simple doesn't it?

    This is just a very short list but I hope you begin to understand where this is leading us to.

    So our job as a leader is to serve our employee's so that they receive their most basic needs in the workplace.

    Good leadership skills are the skills you need to serve them in a way that will meet those needs.

    Sounds simple doesn't it?

    Then why do so many so called leaders have such a tough time leading their staff to success?


    Because it is much more than following a step by step process!

    Do you see what they are really saying?

    Have you ever heard a parent, maybe even you, tell their children something like, "After everything I have done for you this is the thanks I get..!"

    The parent that says this is going to fail! Most likely fail miserably!

    Do you see what they are really saying?

    They are saying that if I do this for you I am expecting you to do this for me. The old Quid Pro Quo or This for That!

    They are trying to buy their child's compliance!

    If I buy you what you want you will be good!

    That isn't leading!

    That is bargaining!

    The only thing you will get in return is a higher and higher price tag to get compliance.

    This is only meeting one of your child's needs, immediate gratification, and destroying all the rest of them including their ability to develop good moral values.

    So apply this same logic to a leader in the workplace.

    If we believe that the only need an employee has in order to do their job right is to get paid we are in for a great big surprise!

    Developing good leadership skills that will meet the needs of your employees takes hard work and dedication to them!

    There is no magic wand!

    Not only addressing and meeting all seven needs listed earlier, but an entire list of needs every employee has!

    As I stated earlier there is no step by step process that once completed your employees will sing and dance while doing their jobs in the most excellent way!

    No it means serving them daily!

    There is no magic wand!

    No magic formula!

    Put simply it means that you will have to put them first and your needs second!

    That is what good leadership skills are all about!

    Good Leadership Skills Marine Corps Style!

    My experience as a Marine taught me what real leadership is!


    Total sacrifice!

    In some cases life giving sacrifice!

    Unlike a business environment leadership in the Marine Corps means you are responsible for the lives of your Marines!

    The fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, children, and friends are all counting on you to take care of their loved one! You better not fail them! You won’t accept failure under any terms!

    That's pressure and responsibility!

    That’s Leadership!

    When you think about every decision you make may cause one of your Marines to come home in a coffin...

    When you think about every decision you make may cause one of your Marines to come home in a coffin you are more in touch with each one of them!

    You must commit yourself to protecting them while accomplishing your mission for our country!

    When you live with your Marines daily and you learn their strengths and weaknesses so that you can call upon the right one to do a job at the right time, there are no acceptable losses that you can sustain!

    No not even one!

    I have had to deliver more than one message to loved ones of fallen Marines assigned to other leaders and it is not something that I will allow to happen on my watch!

    If I have to look one of my Marines in the eye and send them into a Hot Zone I will be confident that they are going to return!

    If it does it will only be after I have sacrificed every part of my being to getting them all out alive!

    That is what leadership is!

    If I have to look one of my Marines in the eye and send them into a Hot Zone I will be confident that they are going to return!

    I will have given them the right training and preparation!

    I will have given them the right motivation!

    I will have them armed with every possible advantage in weaponry!

    I will know that they have the inner strength to make it!

    Good leadership skills are more than making a profit!

    Good leadership skills are more than some step by step process!

    Good leadership skills are sacrificial to insure both mission and Marine are taken care of.

    No difference than in business. You must keep everything in balance and you will be successful!

    Personal Stories About a Father Raising an Adult Son With Schizophrenia Disorder

    Good leadership skills start right in the home. Although I would like to claim that I have those skills I can only let others be the official judge of that. For I can claim to be a leader; however, if no one is following it means absolutely nothing.

    Let me start by telling you a story of my life that includes raising four children and being married for almost thirty years. One of our boys was born addicted to cocaine and meth thanks to his biological mother. Today he is nearly twenty-four years old and is totally disabled by a dreaded mental illness called schizophrenia disorder!

    Life can seem very unfair at times; however, it is what you do with those challenges that define a leader from a victim!

    I offer many topics on leadership; however, I feel the most relevant are my personal experiences with raising my adult son who is crippled by schizophrenia. I can honestly tell you that in some cases I am not proud of the way I acted and the things I did that has brought us to the point where we are today!

    I started this by telling you that good leadership skills begin within the place most of us call home, and that is exactly where I am still developing those skills every day of my life while my wife and I do our very best to raise our son. Unless a miracle or some tremendous medical breakthrough occurs he will be with us until we die or he wonders off following some voice in his head and never returns.

    The stories of raising our son with schizophrenia disorder are located here. I must warn you that the stories are straight from the heart so may appear harsh at times, but they are a reflection of the pain and challenges we go through on a daily basis. Our hope is it will help others know and understand that are experiencing the same things, as well as, help the general public know that individuals with schizophrenia disorder are real live people also.

    It is a mental illness that robs the mind and soul of its victim, in this case our son. This debilitating mental illness also robs those that love that victim as well!

    Read Them All Here

    Good Leadership Skills and Instinct Go Great Together

    Good leadership skills require much more than those skills obtained from a classroom environment. Even those skills that are passed down from great leaders can only assist someone that already has that special something that not many great leaders have. That something is instinct.

    Yes great leaders must have that special instinct that transcends learned skills. It is that instinct that takes over when all the other skills no longer are effective. As someone that spent years in the Marine Corps learning various tactics it is instinct that pulls it all together. Knowing when to push forward, drawback, or hold your ground in those critical battle field decisions where lives are on the line.

    In business you can only plan for so much and then instinct takes over. Good leadership skills depend on this inner ability that comes from within someone. That same decision making process to push forward, drawback, or hold your ground applies to business also. Should you invest more or hold the line on your current course of action. Sometimes the leadership classes just can’t make those types of decisions for you.

    Does everyone have what it takes to be great leaders? Maybe! You know you have what it takes when everyone else is trying to find the “eject button” and your just starting to get warm up. You run to problems when everyone else is running from them. You run into the burning building and everyone else is running out. That is what good leadership skills are.

    However, when running to those problems, or into that burning building your instincts are leading you in a way that is smart and not just blindly running into a death wish. You seem to have an immediate plan what isn’t found in a book somewhere. You have what it takes. That is Good Leadership Skills

    Good Leadership Skills and Being a Sheppard!

    If we examine one position that exemplifies what true good leadership is it would have to be a Sheppard. I know it sounds so ridiculous, but it’s true. The responsibility it takes to be a good Sheppard requires all the good leadership skills one needs to be a great leader.

    So what skills are required to be a Sheppard?

    Well in order to watch over any size flock it will require the Sheppard to provide the basic elements to sustain life, which are safety, water, and food. Yes, sheep need to be protected from predators that will attack, kill, and then eat them. This requires the Sheppard to be brave and skilled in the art of protecting the flock against any type of vicious animal, such as, wolves, lions, bears, and many others. Remember back in the day when the job of being a Sheppard was still popular they didn’t have automatic weapons. They had to defend their flocks with their staff, sling shots, or their bare hands.

    In today’s world good leadership skills include protecting our staff against losing their jobs. This means we must train them to be productive and follow the rules. We must also manage in a way that insures the business remains financially sound. This requires a good leader to continually improve their skills so that when they need it they can implement it. Just like the Sheppard that must continually practice using the staff or sling shot as a weapon, a leader must practice their good leadership skills.

    The fact is that if leaders began to care more about their employees than themselves they would be much more successful. Like the Sheppard who puts his flock before himself, whether it was to fight off a predator or work to find food and water. The Sheppard understood that putting his flock first always resulted in the success of himself and his flock both. The moment he didn’t the flock was at risk.

    The exact same is true in business. A selfish leader may see immediate, but very temporary success. The reason for this is the trust factor. As soon as a member of the team doesn’t trust their leader the team is doomed for failure.

    A prime example of a successful Sheppard that went on to be a very successful leader was King David.

    How To Motivate Your Employee

    Individuals that are internally motivated to work hard and have the desire to produce the best product or service for their employer are employees that are invaluable to your company. Leaders that know how to motivate someone to want to perform this way are equally invaluable.

    I have always viewed good leadership skills as good relationship building!

    Leaders that take the time to fully get to know their employees and what makes them tick will be more successful. Keep in mind that we are not speaking of becoming their best friend, but instead understanding who they are why they get up every morning and come to work. What is important to them? Who is important to them? Why do they want that pay check they receive from you? What do they want from the job you have provided?

    These are only a few of the questions you should be seeking from each one of your employees. If you don’t have the time to do this then you don’t have the time to succeed. The old saying, “Pay now or pay later” will surely be the one you will live by if you ignore them as an individual.

    You must personally connect with them in a way that inspires loyalty. But remember, loyalty goes both ways so don’t throw any of your employees under the bus the first chance you get. Don’t mistake this for not holding them accountable though. You must keep everything in balance. Good leadership balances all these things and produces a team that can’t be beat!

    Qualities of a Good Leader

    Good leadership skills are essential to succeed in life. A good leader will always be a highly successful person in life, and he or she will have quite a following behind them. There are people willing to follow than to lead. 80% of the people in the world would rather follow someone else than learning good leadership skills and leading from the front. This article will highlight a few of the qualities that will make a good leader.

    Honesty -

    Honesty is one of the foremost essential skills in becoming a good leader. A leader must be honest in leading his or her team. Whether it is in business, politics or any other field, the quality of the team will depend on the leader's honesty. The followers will be looking to emulate you as a leader, and if you are not honest, you cannot expect them to be honest.

    Communication -

    You may have thousands of good ideas in your head, but if you can't communicate it to your followers well, then there is definitely going to be a problem down the line. If this is your case, you must think of improving your communication skills without further delay. Being able to succinctly and clearly describe what you want done is extremely important in order to become a successful leader.

    Ability to Delegate -

    A leader cannot do all things by themselves. He should trust his team and delegate a part of his work to the team. If you cannot trust your team, then you will never progress to the next level as a leader. Delegating tasks to the appropriate people are one of the most essential skills of a leader. Identifying the special abilities of the team members is also important in order to delegate work properly.

    Even though there are many qualities contained within good leadership skills, the above mentioned are in the forefront of all those qualities.

    Three Essential Good Leadership Skills?

    We would all like to believe that we have what it takes to be a good leader and that we have good leadership skills. The truth is that very few people are natural born leaders. Leadership is a skill that in almost all cases has been developed.

    How do we go about developing such skills and becoming a good leader? The first step is to define the most desirable good leadership skills out there. Once we have done this we are free to go about developing them personally.

    In this day and age most people will do anything and step on anybody in order to succeed. That is not what a person with good leadership skills will do! In a world where lies seem to be preferred over the truth, most people are surprised to learn that honesty is the most desired and important skill that a good leader can develop.

    When your team sees that you are honest, they will almost always follow your example. The results are amazing when a team is honest and straightforward with each other. This will result in the output and general attitude of the whole team being increased!

    Another surprise to many is that the ability to delegate is also very important. Most think of a good leader as someone that does everything. It is true that a good leader should be capable of filling in any task, however, he should make it a practice to delegate whenever possible. This will free him up and allow him to oversee everything smoothly.

    Communication is the third skill that we will mention here. A good leader needs to be able to communicate clearly and in a confident matter. It is only in this way that he can keep his team in line and making the best use of their time.

    Develop and apply these three good leadership skills and you will be amazed by the results!

    Simple Tips About Time Management That Are Easy To Follow

    Good time management skills can improve you, as a person. You are in need of advice if you can't get everything done in the amount of time you have. In the following article, you will be introduced to solid strategies which will help you better budget your time.

    Using a calendar is a good idea. Many carry around a physical paper calendar, since it is easy to write on them. It's also find to use a digital calendar that is kept on an electronic device such as a cell phone or computer. It doesn't matter what you use personally; the act of of using one will be help you manage your time much more effectively.

    If you are frequently late or behind, you should pay more attention to deadlines. You fall behind on your other tasks if you try to cram a certain task before a deadline. If, however, you keep a watchful eye on your deadlines, that will not happen.

    If it is hard for you to manage your time, try looking at the big picture to determine how your current work method rewards you. If you are not focusing when you should be or following through to the end, ask yourself why. You must figure out where you are going wrong so that you can correct it.

    Plan your day in advance. Write a list that distinguishes what you want to accomplish. When you do this, your mind can relax and you can free up the pressure of time the next day.

    Consider the way you currently use time. Use time deliberately and carefully. Delegate time for all tasks like checking voice mails or emails. Looking at emails during work time can waste a lot of valuable time.

    Don't be afraid to use the word no. Often, people find their schedule too full because they are afraid of saying they do not have the time for a task. If you're overextended, review your schedule. Can you get some assistance with a task? If there are, talk to family and friends to help.

    Take the time to manage your day each morning. Make a note of what you plan to accomplish, and allot a time for each task. By incorporating a schedule each day it will help you effectively manage your time.

    Many people get stressed when they are unable to find time to accomplish needed tasks. This article can help you slow down and better manage your time. Make sure your tips are near you at all times.

    Building Good Leadership Skills

    Being a good leader is about more than just how you lead and how you handle others; it begins with how you handle yourself. You cannot effectively lead others without having a strong ability to manage your own state of mind. The foundation of good leadership skills is built on developing inner strength, confidence and passion before moving outward to influence others. Once that foundation is strong, not only will you be able to manage and lead others successfully, you will find it much easier to do so.

    The Foundation Of Good Leadership

    A leader who does not have powerful confidence in himself will not be able to inspire others. In the same way, a leader who does not have a passion for the work or project will not be able to get the most out of those who are following him. The very first priority for all leaders is to build a strong core of belief, passion and confidence; this will provide the secure foundation for leadership success.


    The ability to communicate effectively relies more on listening than speaking. An effective listener makes a better communicator than one who focuses on what to say. If you listen well you will always know what to say in order to connect with the other person. In the first place, a person who feels they are being listened to will be more likely to comply and be cooperative; in the second place, if you are truly listening to someone you will instinctively know how to get through to them on the issues you want to get across.

    State Of Mind

    Dealing with challenges and problems is part of the leadership role; and remaining in a calm and objective state of mind is the way to do this successfully. It is not easy to achieve unless you have prepared yourself mentally and emotionally. Spending some time before you begin each day getting into a state of positivity and enthusiasm will help you to increase your ability to handle stress. There are different ways of doing this including meditation, physical exercise, reading self-development material and watching inspiring video footage. The more you do this, the easier you will begin to find it to remain calm and objective under stress.

    These three core skills form the foundation on which all other good leadership skills are built. Focusing on these will automatically produce a positive ripple effect on all other aspects of your leadership.

    Thank you and may God Bless you!

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    Guest Comment

    My Boss Has Good Leadership Skills

    I have worked at a few companies and I never felt attached to them. My bosses acted as if we were their minions and that killed the morale in the office. My current boss has good leadership skills and that makes me feel connected to the company. He listens just as much as he speaks and he implements ideas that we give him. I have not been working here for very long, but I can see myself having a long history with this company. Several of the other managers in the company seem to work the same way.

    Good Leadership Skills Are Something I've Developed

    I have had to work on good leadership skills since I look after a team of people where I work. This is something I've been working on for a long time, and I still make mistakes. I have to make sure that I'm always brushing up on what it takes to be a leader that people respect but also can come to if they have an issue with other team members. I am really glad that I have a lot of patience because this is something that does take a lot of it when getting started and into the future.

    When I need to find out about what makes a good leader I like to read biographies on varying people that influence the world. Even people like sports team players that do really well are great leaders. Sometimes I'll read ancient history and see how leaders in those days dealt with their problems. Anything I can learn about leading a team, no matter how large or small, I like to know because then it assists me. There are so many resources, free or otherwise, out there that teach me how to be patient and to be a leader that's wise.

    Tips For Forming Good Leadership Skills

    A leader is someone that is going to need to lead at a job or other location. However, for a lot of leaders they are not very good at the job because they have never been taught how to be good at the job. This is when people should use some tips to help them in forming good leadership skills. By getting these tips and putting them in place, it will be easy for people to find themselves in the position of a leader and know they have earned the respect of those they are leading.

    Leading from the front is an old adage that a lot of people have been talking about. It started off in the military and is a leadership strategy that has worked for years. However, for a lot of the leaders of the present time they tend to give direction to the people who are under them and just bypass the fact of having to go out and get the work done and instead sit behind their desk. By getting out and showing the employees that they are not afraid to do the work, is going to help the employees see that they can do the work as well.

    Earning respect instead of demanding it is something else that people are going to want to do. While this is not so much of a skill that people need to get, it is a skill that they need to get. With this type of respect the people will talk about the leader and how good they are. This way people can start to have a good feel for their leader and know if they are going to help them in getting the job done or if they are just going to be the ones who will send them out into the fray without even caring about what happens.

    Standing up for the ones who are under them is something else that is going to make a leader a good one. While most people do not think about this, they need to realize that as a leader they need to protect those that are under them as well. This means the leader will have to take responsibility for those under them and help protect them from any harm. Without this, people are going to have problems in getting the people who they are leading to respect them and see that they actually care about them.

    When people are looking to become a leader, they will often notice that it is going to be a lot harder than what they think. While some people will take the leadership role by title and demand that people respect them, it is not going to be that good as a leader for people to do that. This is when people should learn some tips to help them in forming the good leadership skills they need to have and guarantee they are seen as the best leader around.

    If you have questions that I may be able to help with please email me at

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    Employee Policy Manual - What to Look For and What Should Be Included!
    Know what to look for and what should be included in your employee policy manual. Using a software to assist will save you thousands!
    Schizophrenia Disorder From A Parents Perspective
    Understanding schizophrenia disorder from a parents very personal perspective that are raising an adult son who is one hundred percent disable.
    Definition of Sexual Harassment
    There are many things to consider in the definition of sexual harassment.
    Check Out These Cute Life Quotes
    Sometimes, life gets tough and stressful. That is why everyone needs a few words to brighten up their day. Here are some cute life quotes to put a smile on your face.
    Are Last Will And Testament Templates A Good Idea To Use?
    Last will and testament templates are available from a variety of sources, such as commercial enterprises who will sell you a copy that pertains to your state
    What To Expect From The Best Temporary Employment Agencies
    If you are on the hunt for the best temporary employment agencies, here are a few things you should come to expect.
    Essential Tips On How To Repair Credit Reports
    Here are a few essential tips on how to repair credit reports so that you can qualify for the loans that you need.
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